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Man sues console makers, Blizzard; Subpoenas Gates, Wynona Ryder and Depeche Mode.

I'm sure many have already heard about the exploits of 'professional plaintiff', Erik Estavillo.

In his first case in June, he filed a suit alleging that his banning from PSN was a violation of his free speech.

This case was dismissed, but he has since filed another suit against Sony, seeking $180,000.

Then, in November, he filed a joint complaint against both Microsoft and Nintendo. In his complaint against Microsoft, he alleges that he cannot afford the repair fee for his RROD'd 360 (yet can afford all three major consoles, and file court cases), and that he will suffer undue stress due to the loss of his console, and is seeking $75,000. He has also subpoenaed Bill Gates to appear in relation to this case.

In his complaint against Nintendo, he claims that the console maker is interfering in his 'pursuit of happiness', and is seeking an injuction against the banning of the Homebrew channel and Ocarina applications.

And, in what he has said is his last ever suit, he is seeking $1,000,000 (yes, that's right, one million dollars) from Blizzard for 'sneaky and deceitful practices', and subpoenaed both Wynona Ryder and Depeche Mode's Martin Lee Gore.

In his defence, Mr. Estavillo claims that he relies on video games for much of his entertainment due to his suffering of OCD, Agoraphobia, Panic Disorder, major depression and Crohn’s Disease.

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