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Originally Posted by Sabretooth View Post
Perhaps in the West, but the East has a completely different story.
I agree with you but it's not just a "West" thing...Several communities/cultures that are part of the Western world do not use that same notion of family as is prevalent nowadays in North America or many countries of Western Europe. Even in the "West", the notion and extent of "family" can vary greatly from a culture to another...from the Inuit to some other European influenced cultures.

Growing up in poverty does not afford the same opportunities.
So what does that has to do with the North American-European so-called dominant notion of family? Single parent does not necessarily equals poverty (and why would poverty itself be a "disqualification"...a lot of people made it out of nothing too). I know quite a lot of children living with a single parent who earns well above the average salary of a "normal" couple. Of course, on average a single person will likely make less than a couple but that has nothing to do with the 'traditional" family in the North American general meaning of the word not does it means that poor parents are not as good as others. Lots of factors come into play.

No family is perfect, but the traditional nuclear model at its best appears to work in a superior way to other family models at their best.
I'd take other models with many other multiple members (cousins, etc.) well before this one. I suppose that the majority of the publications you refer to are made according to this "dominant model" in "western" society. But what about other models elsewhere?

Having been constantly moving and living with different cultures I find it hard to see how someone would think they hold the absolute solution or truth in this regard. When I use the word family in another country than mine (or even withing mine depending who I am addressing to), I can expect that the person with whom I am talking may perceive a different meaning of the word). What is fitting for one is not necessarily good for the other IMHO and there might be many other valid models.
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