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A message for Bioware: Please think of the TSL fans.

Bioware please think of the TSL fans. Please preserve TSL's story. I will explain in my post why I think TSL's story should be preserved in the new MMO.

As you may know TSL's story is unique. It is grey and makes you question everything you thought was right and everything you thought was wrong. The plot was complex in some ways but, was written wonderfully. It had some of the most wonderful characters such as Kreia who especially gives me chills with lines like "It is such a quiet thing to fall but, far more terrible is to admit it." The story of the wound and Kriea's hatred of the force was also unique. Please Bioware do not let the stories of characters such as the exile and the lost jedi, Kriea, and what we learned about Revan from TSL fade from existence. I know you guys didn't make the story but, think of how hard those who did worked on it worked to create it and think of how we TSL fans enjoy the complexities in it. Please preserve TSL's storyline, it's plot, and it's characters. The MMO needs to be a continuation of TSL's story not the destruction of it. We want to know what happened to the Exile and the others who rebuilt the Jedi order. Those who agree with me and want to make a plea to Bioware please post. Thanks.
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