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Family. Well let's see...

I've known dysfunctional families whose biological connection is there but it serves no practical purpose. I also am by proxy familiar with the concept of street family. Where people turn to when their own flesh and blood is not on their side. Also there is similarly family friend, of which I directly have many.

I'm not convinced blood is the thickest bond in every case. Though it is the truth of my family bond, and I'm very fortunate to be where I am.

Still, in any case I think everyone needs influence of a motherly and fatherly figure for in lacking either I've seen the detrimental conditions as a result.

In terms of capitalism, a nuclear family is not strictly needed. And as time goes on I am also growing more and more convinced that capitalism=/=free market enterprise.

I don't agree that single parent families are necessarily poor. Especially where the parent is well to do.
Families of close friends sticking together and doing quite well for years; street families where nobody may be related. These are in all classes, though yes primarily in low to middle class.
I've seen: 2 parent families be poor. Most of these are "working poor"--like my family was. We work, we have homes but the government puts us in the poor class, and other institutions look at us the same.
Have seen "moving curcus" or "all under one roof" extended families which are generally poor, but in a couple cases very rich.

There's nothing to definitively tell me that one family model is necessarily more wealthy or successful than another--or functional for that matter. Dysfunctionality is present in all economic classes.

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