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"Hey, Cade? Who's your other friend?"

"Some stowaway we had on board... I still havent figured out what to do with him... or do to him, atleast." Cade crossed his arms. "I was thinking about dropping him at the Boneyard, and leave him be. I'm sure he wont do much harm there."

"I dont care what you have to do, Cade!" Rawk said gruffly. "He cant stay with us. We haven't got a place to put him."

"I'll figure something out..." Cade muttered. "You dont mind, do you? About us staying here and all?"

"You're my brother's boy, Cade! <cough> What did you expect me to do?" he limped away from Cade and Lyna. "The others are waiting for you. Go greet them!"
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