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I guess I'm on the wrong way then...

But when we say videogames, people immediately think of action-packed games, violent games and such. They're right, but don't forget that there also are productive games, which teach you how to speak a language in a "fun way". Others make you think a lot, like (I forgot the games name) Doctor xxxxshima's brainkillers or such.

But of course, your right. Gaming doesn't really improve your physical, social or mental skills (some do), it's just to relax. It's important that you don't play too much, as it can cause serious damages to you, physically and mentally, but that you balance and plan your day. Yes, you can go out jogging a little bit, do some excercises, read some books, etc... That's better than gaming. But I have to admit, maybe I'm an addict, but I just like the fact that YOU can control your character and do whatever you want in a virtual world. I don't remember me jumping roof-to-roofs or climbing buildings like Altair, but once you do it in a game, you like it. The sad part is that more and more games become more and more violent and it's true that it'll most likely affect you. You can get more agressive, but you also could try to jump from rooftops. That's the bad part of gaming.

PS: Sorry if my language is quite wrong. I just came back home and it was freezing out there. I can't feel my fingers anymore and my brain is frozen...
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