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Yeah, but the thing is that uncapping the FPS would make the game run even better for YOU (and anyone else who already has it "running fine," potentially), because if your PC can handle the extra FPS, that means a smoother game, which means more fun, because with better framerate, you can aim more precisely, etc. This is a big thing for this game, because aiming is a huge part of gameplay as you look at objects to manipulate with the force, and so forth.

And if your PC would not be able to handle more than 30 fps, you could always stick with the cap. That's what I'm saying. So there's no reason to be against it, frankly, unless you think it will take away from any other fixes that need to be made.

My fear though is that they've already abandoned the game. Lately it seems like we get one patch, if that, and minimal fixes. Hopefully, I'm wrong.

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