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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi View Post
I really like some of the changes in the Camarilla edition, but I'd have to figure out how to mod the blood loss/slowed regeneration back out. I like to look around and enjoy the area I"m playing in, not run to the nearest sewer opening every 10 seconds to find a rat to feed on.
Most of the changes I can agree with, but I can't so much on the front of wanting to play what it says is a "real" vampire. Truthfully, making the game play like that gives the idea that all Vampires in VtM are raging monsters with the beast tugging at a thin wire, that doesn't have much give. I haven't seen any other game that the player character is a Vampire, have to keep feeding regularly, or have a health, blood pool, or rage bar that drains after a number of minutes.

The changes for the pc models I don't mind, nor the changes to the eyes in the game. That, along with the music can be added without the gameplay changes, though the eyes are also changed in the unoffical patches too.

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