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Smile My Little Review

Got my Game today and here are my Results so far.

The In-Game Controls Sucks, because it wont allow me to use the Keys i set them, so the Game uses the Default Keys and im getting they just Imported the Game from Xbox to PC in witch i must use a Controller to play.

The Graphics are Decent and not that very Next Gen at all, oh and my PC dident Crash once with No BSOD.

Vader is BOOOOORING and SLOOOOOW and the Characters Mouths are like some Crazy Cartoon.

I can choose to be Any Character i want and i took C-3PO, i never knew he had it in him but i must say that the Level starts from the Beginning witch is Stupid.

The Star Destroyer part really Ticks me Off, im just not fast enough in pulling it down and the Tie Fighters are Annoying as Heck and not even the Cheats work.

Story is Decent and the Gameplay is good, so im giving the Game an 8/10

Um, why are the Storm Troopers attacking me when im suppose to be on their side.

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