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"Some stowaway we had on board... I still havent figured out what to do with him... or do to him, atleast." Cade crossed his arms. "I was thinking about dropping him at the Boneyard, and leave him be. I'm sure he wont do much harm there."

Lyna slightly tilted her head to the side, looking at the man. To her, he didn't seem like an enemy. But always be careful. Not too careful.

"The others are waiting for you. Go greet them!"

Lyna smiled. She loved to see Rawk's kids and his wife. It's been a while. Running from the others, Lyna went to the living room. There, Droo's daughter Ahnah, the young Cathar Micah, and the Skeeto, were watching a race on thier huge holoscreen.

"What did I tell you guys about sitting too close to the holoscreen?!" Lyna exclaimed, placing her hands on her hips.

Gasping, the three kids glanced around. "LYNA!!" They shouted, and ran towards her. Giving her a big hug, Micah said, "We missed you!"

"Missed you guys too!" Lyna chuckled.

"Where's Cade and Nale?" Skeeto asked.

Lyna looked back, and smiled. "They should be coming as well."
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