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Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
Someone remind me what's being "retconned" again?
When you talk to Kreia and she speaks of Revan, you say either:
The Sith teachings came from Korriban
The Sith teachings came from the Sith Empire

Kreia responds:
"Oh did they? Revan learned the Sith Teachings, but met no Sith Empire."

Obviously that is now retconned--but it does make her look like an even more deceitful old batwho "doesn't add up".

Originally Posted by Tobias Reiper View Post
I still don't see why it seems broken to you guys, because think about it:
The game's far from done, and they're working on it right now, so who really knows what's going on but Bioware?
It's already incorporating a bit of TSL, how?
The Jedi, who do you think got them there?
Perhaps maybe:
Visas Marr
and Atton Rand, better known as the 'Lost Jedi'?
Also, before you say you didn't train them as jedi because you didn't feel like it needed them, it's still canon that The Exile trained each of them as Jedi (Or at least, all but one).
The ultimate visual guide (made in 2005) and a few other canon sources also claim Handmaiden Brianna was a force sensitive who traveled with the exile--as if it wasn't already confusing enough. But who knows by now.

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