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Post Modding this game is easy.

I have already made working Playstation buttons for my on screen prompts.

Some would call them minigames, a term from God of War but not accurate.

It is in all ways, on screen prompts only.

Here are the links to my screen caps of these buttons, plus I have begun working on altering the skins and making new outfits for the characters, but I've been busy doing this for Tombraider Underworld and LOTR Conquest.

The program I use is Texmod, I'm sure some of you have heard of it.
I use Xpadder for mapping the keyboard controls to my game pad since SWTFU won't recognize any other gamepad except the Xbox 360 controller.

Which is sad. Proprietary BS.

Modding this game for textures is very simple.

Original buttons

New buttons


Perhaps later I will post some caps of a skin I'm working on.

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