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A small smile traced over Dravin's lips as he listened to one of them men, he learned his name is now Cade, gave a very poor introduction to his female companion. Tilting his head from side to side he listening and felt the vibration of his neck crack. Dravin was slightly disappointed that he had to stay with the group of men, especially one that seemed to be traveling to deaths door just standing in front of them.

"As much as I like standing here with all of you" He said in a slightly bored tone "But if you just let me go, then I wouldn't be a problem at all. After all the only reason why I'm in these handcuffs is because trust issues. I'm good with repairing things, so if you just put me to use I'd really be out of the way." Dravin finished.

He wasn't certain what they would do with him, and he didn't really care at this point. The only thing Dravin wanted most of all was the opportunity to find a vessel so he could make up for lost time in his smuggling career. And so far everything seemed to be wanting to put a halt to the life he really only ever knew.

"That is of course if you don't already have plans set in carbonate."

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