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Yeah, I understand.

Normally I probably wouldn't make a request like this, but with the unique circumstances this testing requires, that the usual people can't meet right now, I figured somebody out there ought to be able to do it.

Alright I figured since I was finishing up the Nihilus' mod I'd feature another mod I'm working on. Alright, actually I'm working on a lot, many of which I've started and will probably not finish. But anyway, this is the one I chose, it's a model rather than the animation ones I've been doing lately;
Show spoiler

Alright, you'll probably recognize the Bryar pistol from the Jedi Knight games. And yes, I know that Inyri Forge made a model here. That's the original look and was used in the cinematics, and I suppose the "official" version, and it's a good mod by Inyri, but personally the one that always stuck in my mind is the Jedi Outcast version for some reason. The one on top is my model, the one on bottom is the original I'm aiming for. As you can see, it's still under construction (most notably on the front half) and untextured . . . Just thought I'd share, get some feedback

PS I still do need testers for the Nihilus mod, see a couple posts down

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