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Name: Yoroi Mitarashi
Age: 20
Rank: Amekage
Personality: Completely in control of his mind, Yoroi is somewhat cooler than he was originally. This is a result of his tenure as Amekage.
Weapons: Chakra Disruptor Blades, Katana
Nature Type: Wind, Water, Fire, Earth, Lightning, Yin-Yang
Allows the user to use all basic Nature Types and reproduce any technique. Essentially, a wielder of Rinnegan can use any non-Kekkei Genkai.
-Summoning: Nightmare Horrors
-Summoning: Demonic Statue of the Outer Path
-Shinra Tensei
Gravitation wave of repulsion.
-Bansho Tennin
Gravitation wave of attraction.
-Chibaku Tensei
Creates a gravity well that can form even celestial bodies.
-Samsara Art: Six Paths
Summons six clones, one for each element and a shadow clone. These clones are far more difficult to kill.
-Samsara Art: Elemental Sword of the Six Paths
Creates a broadsword sized sword made of compressed chakra with the five basic elements added to it. Requires the Six Paths to create.
-Samsara Art: Commanding Pull of the Outer Path
Prevents and reverses acts of teleportation.
-Samsara Art: Absolute Will of the Outer Path
Allows the wielder to break into the minds of others and disrupt their chakra flow. Can be used either from eye contact or chakra disruptor blades.
-Heavenly Hand of Release from Samsara's Will into Nirvana: Death's Open Fist
A Taijutsu infused with chakra that sucks the life force out of those it hits. The price is a significant (though temporary) loss of chakra and strain on the wielder's health.
-Lightning Release: Wave of Electrical Charges
-Water Release: Great Water Dragon Missile
-Fire Release: Great Fireball
-Wind Release: Gate Palm
-Earth Release: Stone Missile Barrage
Background: Over a three year period, Yoroi Mitarashi has significantly increased his chakra potential to match his status as a Kage. His coordination with his Six Paths has also improved. Yoroi's goal is the eradication of the Arashi threat, but desires to repay Takai for their previous battle and save Asuka.

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