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The strongest tools of the Darkside are cunning, treachery, serecy, and betrayal... they were the tools sidious used to bring down the jedi order, but Darth Bane of the Sith was the orchestraiter of the whole thing!
He was far more smarter, and cunning then any sith before and after him... He alone brought down the entire brotherhood of Darkness in one broad stroke! jus by using that cunning brain of his...
Darth Bane is without doubt the most powerful Dark Lord physically also... people are alwayse saying how great palpatine, aka sidious, is. well i got a question for yall boys, if sidious is so great and powerful, how come his sith lightning doesnt kill on impact? why does it take a while?
while yall think bout it, Darth Banes dark side lightning annihalated enemies ON IMPACT! charring there bodys in the process... and the funny thing is, Darth Bane was like the only Dark Side user who wasn't an apprentece for very long... He went in to learn the ways of the Darkside at age 20, came out about the same age The Dark Lord Of The Sith, taking out every other Sith Lord...
Dath Banes apprentice is also Extremely powerful, she manage to defeat and Kill Darth Bane... but pretty much with her sith soarcery (an ability Darth Banes abiliteis wuz never able 2 accomplish as only very few are able to possess its trait) but if were talking strong as the Force itself inside one body, Darth Bane is the top dogg. Stronger Then Sidious, Stronger then Vader, Dtronger then exar Kunn, Revan, Nihilous, Sion, Krayte, Shadow, Kreesh.
Darth Bane is the TRUE Dark Lord Of The Sith
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