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Originally Posted by Ӄhrizby View Post
Alright, some of you may have seen this thread, which is about fixing Nihilus' animations. I know that's a while ago, and the mod's finished but as of yet unreleased. Unfortunately, I don't know if it works the way it should because I don't have a suitable saved game, and it doesn't work right when I use cheats because of the way my party is. So what I need is a person willing to test this mod with the following saved game:

Before you kill Nihilus', on Ravager.
Include Visas in your party (this is where I had trouble with cheats/KSE).

I have the model working, I just need to figure out some of the other stuff.
If you're interested, contact me and I'll fill you in on exactly what you need to do.

You may find this resource useful

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