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Originally Posted by justinnickpaul View Post
one more thing about sidious... he technically speaking isnt a true dark lord of the sith, as he chose to kill his master while plaguis was asleep... the battle between master and apprentice is a contast, where the strongest and most powerful and the most cunning servives... sidious skipped that test. he is nothing more then a coward. an abomination to the rule of 2...
Uh, no. It doesn't have to be a contest of arms. If anything, using such an opportunity makes him even more qualified. If he fought Darth Plagueis, there's a chance he'd be killed (or badly wounded), which is hardly useful if he planned on becoming the next Dark Lord.

Malak chose to eliminate his master in a similar way, firing on his command ship when it had been crippled and boarded by Jedi strike teams.

Part of being a Sith is about cunning, and making use of such opportunities.
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