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Lyna picked up her little binjinphant and carried her in her arms. Walking towards a bench in the room and sitting on it, Lyna sadly closed her eyes. She remembered the day she saw her parent's spirits, including Coral Mai, her adoptive mother and Jedi Master.

"If only I knew my real parent's pasts... if only I could've done something to save them. But I was just a baby. If only..."

Suddenly, Lyna started to cry silently. She felt really upset that she thought too much of the ones she cared about. She was even worried for Rawk, because of his coughing and limping. The only thing Lyna could do was hope that he was all right.

Cyan stood on Lyan's lap, and licked her master's chin with care.


In the shadows, a few feet away from the Rawk family's home, Syana crept with caution. After she ended Bantha Rawk aka Nat Skywalker, her mission would be completed.

She closed her eyes to sense where Rawk was. "All right, old man. Where are you?"
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