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Cade explored Rawk's nest during the night - it has been awhile since he last walked through the halls of the series of buildings. He was heading for the kitchen, in need for something to quench his thirst.

The light was on within the kitchen. Cade entered, and spotted Rawk sitting near the table with a bottle containing blue liquid and a small container of pills. Surrounding Rawk were the droids doing their nightly routines - attending to the maitenances of the kitchen.

Cade took a seat across from Rawk, eying the bottle and the pills. "I dont recomend taking those with alcohol."

"Does this look like a bottle of Juma Juice to 'ya?" Rawk replied, while gulping down a pill. "What are you doing up so late."

"I was in need of a glass of water. But then you caught my attention." he leaned forward. "How about leveling with me? Whats the matter with you, Rawk?"

"Cant an old man mind his own business? Besides, you never exactly shared some light with me either as to why you decided to crash here."

"Imperial Bounty Hunters, Sith Assassins.. the works. They're after us. Not like we did anything in particular to tick them off, so they are obviously up to something if they're chasing us." Cade played with the bottle cap. "You're turn."

Rawk breathed a heavy sigh. "I'm dying, Cade. I didnt tell Lyna, because she wouldn't handle it very well." Rawk stood up and put the bottle back to where it came. "Diagnosed with Cancer, according to the doctors."

"How long you have to live?" Cade pressed on.

"Couldnt' get an accurate reading, but by estimate 3 more years." he coughed and sat back down. "Everyone except Skeeto knows about it. So dont you breath a word about it to anyone else!"

"Rawk, why wont you get treatment?" Cade said. "Or atleast let me help you..."

Rawk pointed a finger towards Cade. "I forbid you from using your power, Cade!" he barked. "Everytime you use your healing power, you slip further towards the darkside. It takes its toll on your body too. Besides... my cancer is untreatable according to academic medical studies..."
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