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Lyna stood up, and wiped her tears. Cyan landed on the floor with her four paws, and looked up at Lyna. She squealed.

The young woman glanced down her side, and smiled. "You're right, Cyan. I should stop worrying about everything. It's unhealthy." She stretched her right arm to Cyan.

The little binjinphant jumped on her arm, and crawled to her shoulder.

Lyna smiled. "C'mon. Let's get some fresh air." And with that, Lyna began to walk towards the door.


Syana jumped on top of the walls surrounding Rawk's nest. As she stopped on top of one of the buidlings, she could see light from a few feet.

Using her electrobinoculars, Syana could see the sight of Rawk, along with another man, who appeared to be Cade Skywalker. She grinned. "Found ya."
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