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Player & Party Underwear

Who says getting underwear for Christmas is a bad thing? Here's a mod I'd been picking at for a while (in between RoR) that says otherwise.

I've added some new undies for the player, Bao-Dur, Mira, Handmaiden, and Visas Marr. They aren't all just re-skins, as some of them I've tweeked the models as well. Mostly, I wanted the body shapes to remain constant when changing clothes (or dancer outfit).

The best thing is screen shots, so here you go (some are 1900 x 1200):

Show spoiler

Brianna the Handmaiden:
Show spoiler

Show spoiler

Visas Marr:
Show spoiler

These ones are wearable by all the playable Male & Females (Asian, African, Caucasian, etc) as well as Atton & Mical:

Male & Female Boxers or Briefs:
Show spoiler

Mass Effect style:
Show spoiler

New dancer model:
Show spoiler

Animated comparison of the new dancer model:
Show spoiler

And of course, here is the download link at FileFront.
and now, download link at DeadlyStream.

I hope you all enjoy these over the holidays

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