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Originally Posted by ImprezaFreak View Post
LA needs to (re)start making games for the PC. The JK and Battlefront series blows TFU out of the water. I couldn't fully enjoy TFU because the port to PC was so crappy.
I fully agree. I can't play it because it is not optimized, it hasn't THE graphics so i don't understand why the didn't take a few moments to do it better.

About TFU2 i think there are a lot of possibilities, like some sith's make some of their magic and they bring him back to life, or he wasn't dead at all in the first part, and probably in the second part we will have to make something more focused on Galen's life, and may then he leves the galaxy and goes to find Revan's ship (?) for the 7th, 8th and 9th films (?).

Sorry if it doesn't understand, English is not my language
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