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Originally Posted by Ulmont View Post
I can't agree more, the mandalorian pacifist thing hurt. Between II and III, mandalorians go from kandosii vode, to pacifists, and then from III to IV, they go from pacifists back to kandosii vode, right? Sssssuuuuuurrrrrrreeeeee....
No, they don't. That's just it. Moaning about 'Mandalorian Pacifism' is pointless, because not all of them become pacifists.

The Mandalorians who become pacifists after their civil war become the New Mandalorians, and they based themselves on another planet. Presumably, there were those who rejected pacifism and continued with tradition.

The Mandalorians who fought under Jaster Mereel (and later Jango & Boba) and trained the Clones are the True Mandalorians. Although most of those were killed, there were still plenty of 'Mando'ade' keeping the traditions alive.
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