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With the bible being global, I mean very open, general, like one phrase can have different meanings, or people can interpret it differently (like the example of killing).

With the human purpose, I couldn't explain it well, I meant that it's different for everything. Like you said, the ecological system, but the purpose of two dogs can be different: You have (mostly) dogs who obey, guard, ... others are made to guide blind people. There's a big difference between a chiwawa and a mastiff or pitbull. Everything has a different purpose.

I myself can't explain the winged horse. Maybe it was an illusion, maybe Gabriel was hiding behide the horse? I don't know, but if you compare the bible to the qur'an, you'ld admit that the bible has more unlikely miracles than the qur'an.

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And for what it's worth, catholicism is not the only religious faction with an established hierarchy.

One of the things I didn't really understand. Can you please explain that ?
And thanks for the compliment

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