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Reading some of these comments made me a true believer that there is a zero attention span in the fanboy universe. TFU 2. What in LA's history would get anyone to think there is anyway that it would not be about Galen? I read many good ideas for games I would play from u guys, but lets be honest, fanboys don't drive the gaming economy. LA will try to make a game that appeals to more than just hardcore fans, otherwise its going bankrupt. It has to be multi platform and since online multiplay rules the marketplace, there has to be a reason to play this "franchise" again. Getting to continue playing a hero that "died" is good for business cuz i know I wasn't too happy dying as a good guy. The all Sith based games suggested, never gonna happen. Most casual gamers like to play as good or at least have a choice, so that's out the window 4 sure.
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