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Wow, I just realized that I've never been given a console... Even when the N64 was only $99, my parents never let us.

We (by We I mean the collective of my brother, my sister, and myself) had to work together to buy an Xbox in 2003.
We all worked together and bought a 360 in June 2006.
I bought a PS2 Slim for myself in August 2006 (first thing I bought with my paycheck since getting my first job).
I bought a second hand Gamecube on Craigslist later that year.
I bought my own DS Lite in February 2007.
I bought my own PSP in June 2007.
I bought my own Wii in May 2008.
I bought my own PS3 Slim in October 2009.
Even my current desktop and netbook are my own purchases.
And I've always paid for my own PC upgrades (CPUs, PSUs, RAM, graphics cards, etc), including new monitors, and my own TV and sound system. parents suck.

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