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A twi'lek revolution

I have to say I love this mod so far, and I've only just started it, but I seem to have run into a large bug. I have a few mods and I've toyed with a few things other than my override folder I don't know what the problem could be.

After seeing the shadows visions of Taris and being told to find the wastes, I got to Dreshdae as was told look for a person to tell me how to get into the wastes and to my surprise I find a group of Twileks, all identical in skin, clothing, and the same no dialogue feature they all seem to have. When I try reloading the level even MORE twileks are just standing around in a strange triangular shape.

The mods in my override include, WOTOR, Jedi robe booster, revans flowing belt and cape fix, and super skip taris. All my computers standards meet the required fields, not too high and not too low.

I have no reward for helping me, but those who've played might understand my want for help on a mod such as this. I've scanned this whole forum, and not a thing about this problem, I've even looked other places.

Edit: Any Help Appreciated, It's been three days now, I'm still waiting for a reply. Am I not asking right? Do you see me as an unworthy person? Or are you occupied with something else, all I need is a reply, and help if available.

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