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I'd buy that for a dollar
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Oh man, I remember that video. lawlz XD

I'm surprised when it gets brought up because it isn't quite old enough to be retro age, and yet it's not quite new enough to be cutting edge.

"You don't support the N64 anymore? Why the hell not?!"
"Because that was so 10 years ago. Get with the times."

Some good memories. I'll never forget WCW world tour and WCW vs NWO, and how then WWF blew them both away with custom charaters. Perfect Dark I still enjoy today. Mario64 was simply awesome. SW:Shadows of the Empire still wins today, with my favorite of it level being Ord Mantell jukyard. Bomberman64 wasn't bad but I didn't like the cutesy direction it went into as it does disservice to its older installments. Super Smash bros. was the first N64 game I ever got too frustrated to play.

Always wanted to play mischief makers and DK64. Turok was kind of nice.

Except my first NES, first 2 gameboys and the N64, I bought pretty much everything else I have.
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