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yeah, not going to nyc...too far to travel, not enough cash for hotel, etc. don't feel like freezing my ass off.

Was up til 5:30AM playing MW2....had to get the thermal scope on a few of the assault rifles, and wanted to get closer to my friend's rank. went from rank 41 to rank 46 between 8:30pm and 5:30. played on hardcore mode most of the time, then got sick of getting stuck with the crappy maps (estate, derailed) where all people do is camp the entire time, so put it on team deathmatch and started really kicking ass since i was forced to memorize the maps without a hud.

now i'm tired, would still be sleeping but my mom had to wake me up 5 hours too sister and brother in law aren't going to show up until 1pm most likely if not later. and i'm hungover cause i poured the rest of the bottle of jack daniels in a cup of coke....didn't realise i had more then 3 shots worth left. so i'm also annoyed by the fact my mom is expecting my sister to announce that she's pregnant, etc. i doubt that she is, they just got married in september...then again i hardly know my sister anymore or what she's up to besides working all the time. so what do i know.

i just wish i wasn't woken up so ****ing early for no ****ing reason...

oh yeah...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

"Without strife, the victory has no meaning. Without strife, one does not advance. Without strife, there is only stagnation."
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