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The favorable one? What did I just tell you: These people were blinded by their rage. What would you do if the man you admire, and whose path you follow gets insulted by a cartoon? And severely insulted. I could insult Jesus by saying that he was the result of Maria and a donkey in a cave, as a payback, but what would that do? What would you do if I said George Washington raped Indians and slaughtered tons of Natives? Where would I differ then from those who insulted us? I would degrade to the same level of the ignorant or the "infidel".

So 1) is NOT an answer to your question, not at all. 2) is me, people I know, my parents and my community. And heck, of course my religion is no different than the christianity: We are based on them. Jesus is one of our major prophets.

It's like this:
The Jews were the first. God orded Moses to lead them. Moses did what God asked, until the Jews worshipped a golden calf.
God didn't like that, so centuries later he sent a new prophet named Yeshos. He would show the right way to the Jews and most likely succeeded. But centuries later, man began to lose his mind and thought Jesus was the son of God.
God didn't like that neither, so he sent his last prophet, named Mahomet. And so on...

I didn't understand the "Bernard Louis joke". Keep it simple, I'm a bit stupid lol (concetration problems..)

YOU didn't understand what I wanted to say. You've got your good sides, and bad sides. Light side - Dark side. Religion has that too. Every religion.

I give up on the dogs heh..

According to the "laws of shame" (if you know the story of Adam and Eve). I would like to see you run naked through town. No, scratch that, I wouldn't. But you understand what I meant, I guess.

Then it's true in subjective sense. I'll give up here too.

And lastly, again, you didn't understand me.
Some people ask themselves "Why are we here?" and find their answer in some religions. Seriously, why do we exist, does the earth exist? Galaxies? Why?
For me, and I'm sure many other religious people, this world is an exam. We must show our loyalty to JHWH, God, Allah, ... by succeeding in this world, by acting morally and helping others. If we do, we'll get our highly wanted price: The Heaven.

If we fail, ... ouch, it's Satan, Iblis, Shaytan,.. waiting for us.

"An eye for an eye for an eye for an eye .... ends in making everybody blind"- Mahatma Ghandi
"One good act of vengeance deserves another..."- John Jefferson

Extracted from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2... Beautiful game
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