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Ok, com'on guys- SA? Survived? After all those explosions, PLUS that friendly gang of troopers, behind him, PLUS the Emporor competing with him by force lighttning, PLUS vader, ready to strike, back on his feet, PLUS.......

i hope i have made myself clear- i could give much more reasons tough; What IS possible, though, is, say-

tatooine.... obiwan standing with a lightsaber turned off, but pointed at darth maul- at Cyborg (!) Darth maul......
BANG! The uncle of Luke skywalker made a shot- darth maul is the one with the force once again......
And there is no one to observe it- well, heh apart from old ben kenobi, young teen Luke, his Uncle, and....... some lost spirit.
Spirit? (Oh yea, if u are thinking what da hell is this guy on about, is'e nuts?- then pls watch the flash movie about Old Ben vs Cyborg Maul).
So, what is the spirit? It is a soul of a recentely killed Jedi; of A Jedi who has left everything, sacrificed himself to save his friends, while being trained by the greatest sith lord; a soul of a jedi, who was there to observe, not to attack, and neither for defence- he appeared there to gain knowledge.....
It was Starkiller's spirit, who just learnt the highest secret of dark Side- the secret of Darth Plageius

How 'bout that? And then, obviosly, he started using this power, to resurrect himself, Or (Since in the trailer, The "apprentice" looked a bit....... eeeeeer, Unusual) even make his own son- just like his master was once born;
what d'youthink, guys?
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