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Originally Posted by Omeganian View Post
In the PC version, there seem to be even more problems about the SD. Very difficult to move the mouse fast enough.
It's nearly impossible, to get the SD in a horizontal position just with my mouse. I tried for about an hour to no avail. My arm hurts and I'm completely p%&$* off.

As soon as I lift up the mouse, put it back at the beginning of the mousepad, to move it up again, the SD drops back to it's original position.

I finally did it. The trick is, to move the mouse slowly. Speed doesn't count. As long as the mouse is moving, everything is fince. Then lift it up and put it back fast at the beginning of the mousepad and repeat to move it up slowly again. Rinse and repeat...

Still, the controls for this scene are pretty annoying and simply suck...
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