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Originally Posted by NuklearKrisis View Post
Faulting application swkotor2.exe, version, faulting module swkotor2.exe, version, fault address 0x00053a1b.

This is what I believe; NONE of these mods work for TSL..only KOTOR I. I have 13 services running on my old rig; that runs KOTOR II in full perfect. I re-installed TSL and installed the mod (Brotherhood of Shadow: Solomon's Revenge) fresh...CRASH. What magical system do you have that allows these mods to work!!!

OH I SEE, I am not a bad ass C++ coder with an IQ of 4000 so I cannot play these mods otherwise...ok gonna do something else...forget it!

And if you got these mods to work with TSL..what C++ algorithm that is O(n^3) that I need to write to make them work!
Okay, two thing:

1) Don't be a dick in threads. People will be infinitely less likely to answer you if you're sarcastic and cynical like you're doing now.

2) If you read the threads properly, you'd know that both of them are ONLY for K1 and will NOT install in TSL. A TSL version of Revan's Flowing Cape and Belt could be made if someone wanted to, but its very labour intensive, so people aren't lining up at the gates to do it.

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