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Am I a truck or robot?
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Yeah, I should have been a bit more specific up front. Since my spare time is fairly limited, I'm not very inclined to be spending effort putting things together and installing/troubleshooting myself. Money is less of an issue so I'm ok with paying a bit of a premium to get someone to assemble it for me. I had originally intended to select the parts I want (there is a local magazine where most independent shops have their catalog and pricing) and then get an outfit that will put it together for me. But I guess if a place like Dell has more or less what I want anyway then that is an option too.

Overall I guess I've been thinking about dropping $1000-$1500. But I'd be interested to know if going a little bit higher or lower will make a difference.

Originally Posted by stingerhs View Post
that computer has some pretty high end stuff, and it still has the essentials: quad-core CPU, a DX 11 video card, Win 7 x64, and a massive hard drive.
Something to aim for.

Also, I'm interested in playing some older games like the KOTOR and JO series. Anything I need to consider for those? My understanding is that with Windows 7 the compatibility is pretty good overall?

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