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Originally Posted by Zerimar Nyliram View Post
You can't make a judgment like that with such certainty. I think the majority of the people who didn't like the first one were the people who had this inflated perception of it in their heads before it came out and expected too much from it. Naturally, they would have been disappointed by the story and characters. Others of us weren't expecting some spectacularly epic adventure and just expected a really fun game, which is exactly what we got.
Sorry but no,people have been feeding me this bs that "the game is actually (very)good you just expected too much of it" for ages now.

First of all i'm suppoused to expect great,innovative,enthralling from the games i buy
TFU however was flat and flawed,the combat was as deep as a spoon the and the boss fights were either meh or f... annoying

that does not spell good in my book
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