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I think that you'd save money and end up with a better machine in the long run if you built your own. Gaming systems are where the OEMs really stick it to you. What they charge for stuff like extra RAM and a gaming video card is practically criminal.
Originally Posted by Prime View Post
I had originally intended to select the parts I want (there is a local magazine where most independent shops have their catalog and pricing) and then get an outfit that will put it together for me.
But in lieu of building it yourself, I think that the above is the best option. D3 does something similar, I think. I'd definitely look into that instead of going with an OEM.
Originally Posted by Prime
Overall I guess I've been thinking about dropping $1000-$1500. But I'd be interested to know if going a little bit higher or lower will make a difference.
You'd be able to build an awesome box for a grand. $1500 would allow you to include a nice monitor with an IPS panel if you need one.

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