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You can record a drum kit with one mic, if that's all you got. You just have to place it out in the room a bit in front of the kit. Where your ears tell you it all sounds balanced: put the mic there. Some great recordings have been made with this method.

For jazz, I typically use 4 mics: Kick; Snare; Overhead left and right. Any good moving coil for the K (M88) and S (M201); nice condensers for the OHs (C 414).

For Rock and funk, I mic the whole kit:

Kick Inside: Beta 91
Kick Outside: Beta 52
Snare Top: Beta 57
Snare Bottom: SM 57
Hi Hat: C451
Floor Tom: Beta 98 D
Rack Tom 2: "
Rack Tom 1: "
OH L: TC 30K
OH R: "

Of course, depending on budgets and inputs, you can go with anything in between.

Bass: Take direct. You can mic the amp too... any good moving coil will work. (MD 421)
Guitar: SM 57. On the amp. Will do the job. (Unless you can get a POD or SansAmp.)

They sell drum mic kits.
Thing about those kits is that you can use the mics in them to record the other signals too... unless it all has to be done simultaneously. Though I would recommend tracking the drums first with a scratch bass and guitar track... then replacing the other tracks later as overdubs.

You can always rent mics from local stores or sound companies if you can't afford to buy.

How are you tracking these? Through a board? Or straight into a computer? And what is it going to be for? And what style of music?

OK... so I hung with M. and some of her friends. Had a giant dinner in Chinatown. It was a good time.

One of her friends I met tonight is a professional football player... but not in the NFL or AFL... but the LFL... that is to say, the Lingerie Football League.


Life is damn good some days. Not very often... but sometimes...

Here's her team:

So... I think I need to make a trip to New York to see some sporting events now...

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