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There was a silence in the kitchen between Rawk and Cade. This wasnt unintentionally however. Something didnt seem right.

"Rawk... do you-" Cade was interupted rightfully.

"Yeah." Rawk pulled out a gun from underneath the table, and smacked a clip of ammunition within it. "Unwelcome Guests!"

The two exited the kitchen and headed for the outside. Both of them hid behind a pillar supporting the outdoor roof. There was a panel imbeded within the pillar Rawk was hiding behind, which he opened and flicked a few switches.

"... You didnt..." Cade began, smiling. "You actually purchased defence turrets?"

"Ever since that little encounter with Black Sun, we've been installing a few security systems to ensure our safety."

The Turrets, disguised as rock and bushes, unveiled themselves and set their autotargeting system. They gave a constant beep, everytime their heads moved from side to side.
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