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Originally Posted by Rake View Post
I thought the boss fights were rather fun, but I agree the gameplay had little depth and got repetitive very quickly. Part of the reason I didn't enjoy the gameplay was that for most of the game you weren't fighting interesting or challenging opponents (no I'm not playing on Sith Master), beating up on stormtroopers and rebel troopers for 6 hours gets stale.

I'm hoping in TF2 they add some cool enemies that can be considered mini bosses (and are encountered quite frequently), perhaps jedi and dark jedi, skilled bounty hunters, and some more interesting vehicles/creatures. Assassin's creed 1 sucked major balls (to me), yet AC2 felt leaps and bounds better, here's to hoping LA can mimic Ubisoft in that respect.
I rather enjoyed the boss fights also. They were a few of the more fun parts to the game. With that said however, there wasn't much difficulty or skill require to beat them, excluding the emperor. I thought he was the most difficult part of the game.

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