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I know its not possible, but lego KOTOR ideas

the main room here is the Jedi Enclave where you buy stuff and characters.

The Gender of Revan in this is male and Exile is Female and the Apostle is male.

Act 1, the Mandalorian Wars

1. Ruins of Onderon: Revanchist, Alek, Onderon Soldier

2. Battle of Dxun: Revanchist, Alek

3. In Defence of Taris: Alek, Zayne Carrick, Gaddon Thek

4. Yavin Clash: Revanchist, Jedi Nihilus, Republic Soldier

5. Battle over Malachor (space) Revanchist Starfighter, Republic fighter

6. The Last duel: Revanchist, Kreia, Alek

Act 2, Rise of a Dark Lord

1. The Outer Regions: Revanchist, Alek

2. The First Map: Darth Revan, Malak

3. Faraway Rakata: Darth Revan, Malak, Rakatan Warrior

4. Aggresive negotiations: Darth Revan, Sith Trooper, Sith Marine

5. Attack on The Republic: Darth Malak, Heavy Trooper

6. The Purge (Space): Sith Fighter, Revan's Buzzard

Act 3, The Dark Lord's demise

1. Battle Over Telos (Space): Sith Buzzard, Sith Fighter

2. Razing of Telos: Malak, Sith Trooper, Admiral Karath

3. Siege of Raxus Prime: Darth Revan, Malak, Sith marine, Sith Trooper

4. The Rendevouz: HK-47, Darth Revan

5. Malak's Furry: Darth Malak, Saul Karath

6. The Strike Team: Bastila Shan, Jedi Padawan, Jedi Knight

Act 4, Knights of the Old Republic

1. Trapped on Taris: Revan (soldier disguise), Carth Onasi, Canderous Ordo, T3-M4

2. Tattoine: Revan (Jedi), Bastila Shan, Juhani, HK-47

3. Arrival on Manaan: Mission Vao, Zaalbar, Revan (Jedi)

4. The Shaddowlands: Revan (Jedi), Bastila (Kayshyyk), Jolee Bindo, Zaalbar

5. The Leviathen: Revan (Sith Prisoner), Bastila (tattered clothes), Carth Onasi

6. Tombs and Academies: Revan (dark jedi disguise), Jolee Bindo (slave outfit), Juhani, Carth Onasi (Sith Armor)

7. The Bright beaches: Revan (Jedi), Juhani (Knight), Jolee

8. Battle over Lehon (Space): The Ebon Hawk, Republic fighter

9. The great Duel: Revan (Star Forge Robes), Jedi Knight

Act 5, The Sith Lords

1. Peragus: The Exile (mining outfit), Kreia, Atton Rand, T3-M4

2. Surface of Telos: The Exile, Kreia (Jedi), Atton Rand, Bao-Dur

3. The Dark Skylanes: Exile (Jedi), Visas Marr, Atton (Sentinal), Mira

4. Dxun Temple: Atton (Sentinal), Bao-Dur (Guardian), Visas Marr

5. Battle of Iziz: Canderous Ordo (Mandalore), Exile (Jedi), Kreia (Jedi)

6. Korriban: Exile (Tattered garments), GOTO, Mira (Jedi), HK-47, Brianna

7. Skirmish Over Telos (Space), Republic Starship, Mandalorian fighter

8. The Lord of Hunger: Exile (Jedi), Canderous (Mandalore), Visas (full Jedi)

9. Betrayal: Exile (Malachor), Mical

Act 6, Revan's Return

1. Trouble in the Outer Regions: Revan (redeemed), Exile (redeemed)

2. Revan's Home: Revan (farmer), Exile (Redeemed)

3. Doom is now upon us: Revan (redeemed), Exile (jedi), Apostle

4. Attacking the Academy: Apostle (Jedi Master), Revan (Star Forge), Exile (redeemed)

5. Return Home: (Bastila Shan (Jedi Master), Revan (redeemed), Apostle (Jedi Master)

6. The Hawk's Last Flight (Space), Ebon Hawk, Mandalorian freighter

Who thinks this idea is cool?

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