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Hardman's theme remix of his MegaManII gameboy appearance re-synthesized and re made to sound like NES. Tempo is perhaps on par to slightly FASTER with original and arrangement overall has some differences but I like it mostly.

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YouTube Video
Original one, though if I may I can imagine and almost hear this one as if John Williams himself were redoing it and composing it with his own band. If that were the case I'd title this track one of 3 things:
"Desperate War"
"Tragedy in the Mountains"

Sort of brings up a sense I'm in mountains (not sure if it's rocky mountains, or alpine) fighting a war as though my life and the lives of millions depended upon it, to get to some military base to stop the countdown of nuclear warheads being launched by an erratic computer or some madman who had infiltrated it. Very much adrenaline like a race to the finish. Bombs, gunshots, helicopters, traps, enemy combatants in the way.

Mind you this was in the late '90s when I first heard this track and thought of all this, and long before ever watching any Terminator movie.

Yea, I know, kinda wierd that 8 bit tunes could evoke such a presence of thoughts and feelings. Just thought I'd share, though.

Side note: Hardman's stage in this game was somewhat reminiscent of that environment and situation so, suppose it is a case of drifting imagination on my part.

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