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"Pulled"? Sorry, but that I don't believe for a second. I tried to log into the other day and the site was actually DOWN (never saw that before in all the years I was using it). So anyway, I would imagine it is just something screwy with their site, check again and it will be back. Even if somehow in your country they "pulled" the game (why? a recall would be big news and we'd hear about it through the official channels) you could get it through international sellers pretty easily.

Even if somehow, magically Amazon "pulled" the game (why? direct order from LucasArts? Even then they might still carry it, as they do with other "discontinued by manufacturer" items, via the zshops and after-market), you could still get the game. Amazon isn't the only way to buy games online, after all...

In the US at least, in my home state, I was at Wal-Mart and another store just a couple days ago and they had lots of copies of the PC version at least (didn't check the console section for the PS3/Xbox360 versions).

TFU (vanilla edition) is still pretty easy to find as well. So I wouldn't panic just yet.

As for the downloadable content, all of it was supposedly going to be available to all participating versions for those who paid for it (and with the capability to download obviously), except for the Hoth level, which is a "Sith Edition" exclusive.

I don't own this game yet (don't own any of the newer consoles and my pc is way too underpowered), but my advice to you would be either a rental or else sell your old game and buy the newer edition cheap as you can. Most people seem to have blown through the "new content" pretty quickly and reviews indicate it's not much you haven't seen, gameplay-wise (just more of the same, with some new models).

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