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Year in summary:

2009 was OK. Wasn't super great... a couple of spots were pretty terrible... but it sure didn't suck nearly as much as it could have.

I started to have something that approaches a normal social life. There's a lot to be said for that. Didn't make it to the point I really wanted to... but hey, at least I made an effort towards it... and that's more than can be said for many years in the past.

I have made a couple of good friends (many of them attractive females) out of the effort... and that might lead to payoffs in the year to come.

Did pretty well financially... though I had to put in far more hours at work than any sane person ever should in order to get there. That's something I may rethink in the future... trying to manage the balance of workload-to-burnout ratio better. At some point the money stops seeming worth it when life is miserable all the time.

Mom retiring and being around the house 24/7/365, and my losing all hope of any privacy and peace & quiet when I'm home was the biggest change I had to deal with... and that took a lot of adjustment. Still not 100% comfortable or happy with the situation... but I've found a point with it that I can cope with... for the time being.

I watched several friend's marriages dissolve this year. That's never a good thing... though a few of them seem happier and better-off about it.

Glad to see that a couple of the love-lives around here improved last year. Hopefully I'll be with you all this time next year... but I'm not going pressure myself about it anymore. Heading out with an air of desperation to meet a self-imposed deadline or agenda probably didn't do me much good in that regard last year... and only led to more frustration and depression about it when things didn't progress as quickly or in the direction I had hoped for.

Gotta continue getting in shape. Didn't do quite as good last year as I did in the previous ones towards meeting that goal. I maintained... but didn't make much forward progress. Need to jumpstart that bandwagon again this year.

Well... at least I'm not approaching 2010 with the dread that accompanies most New Years days for me. Cautious optimism is the word of the day.

I hope next year will be better, personally. I'll strive to make an effort towards it anyway. We'll see. That's all we can do...

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