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As Syana made her move, the turrents went off on her. She glanced to her side, and immediately took out her red-bladed lightsaber. She glared, using all her training Darth Sethos gave her to deflect these bolts.


While Lyna and Cyan came outside, they could see just a few feet a red swirling light, and what looked like it was deflecting turrent bolts. After a brief moment, Lyna gasped. "A Sith! We gotta do something!"

After saying that, Lyna took out her lightsaber, and ran towards the figure with the red lightsaber.

(Back with the Sith)

As the young Sith apprentice jumped and deflected the bolts, she landed on top of Rawk's building, making a frustrated growl. She was safe from the turrents.

"I am so sick and tired of these sneak attacks. They're so annoying!"

"Then maybe you need more training with your blood-sucking Master!" Lyna shouted from the other side of the building.

Syana turned and smiled. "Ah. The young, worthless 'survivor'. My master talked so much about you. About the 'survivor'."

Lyna glared, activating her orange bladed lightsaber. "I'm sure he has..."
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