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For once in a very long time, Cylax felt human. He could feel his own heart beating faster than normal. For now instead of hunting, Cylax was pinned down by turret fire.

How? How could they have known I was here?

He turned at the sound of a lightsaber and found a figure wielding a red one. His left hand clenched into a fist as he looked over at the Sith. The Sith had now messed up his plan twice now. Clearly stealth was out of the question, all that was left was brute force. He stood up and decloaked himself. Cylax aimed over to where Cade was hiding however his gaze was on the rooftops where Lyna and the Sith fought. In a split decision, Cylax decided the Sith woman was a bigger threat. He aimed over to the woman and fired a shot at her.

"You're sick and tired!?! You Sith have foiled my plans far too many times well that ends with your life."

He fired another shot at her hoping the group of heroes would see him as a potential ally for the time being.
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