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Originally Posted by l33tleboy View Post
First off, I'd like to say that SR is the only original content mod which fits in with vanilla content perfectly, that I can think of. And some of it is even better than Bio's actual work! I had played the original BoS, so I'd been keeping an eye on this baby. I reinstalled KotOR just to play it.

Technically, the mod is a marvel. The amount of gorgeous new models and skins, scripting and maps is awesome, and the recycled maps were pretty well done too. Excellent VO overall, but Kobayashi's looks like it was done by a pro. He's my new fave NPC.

From a writing standpoint, the mod manages to consistently maintain an atmosphere of suspense and dread during the Korriban phases, and the change of pace during the flashback sequences is very, very nice. The mod seems to integrate seamlessly into the continuity, too. That is is, by itself, worthy of praise, considering the huge mess the SW canon is.
Realize this is an old post, but I wanted to agree with all of that. Just absolutely blew all the little mods I had played out of the water with all the original content, textures, voiceovers, new characters. That part was awesome.

Now, on to the criticism.

My only beef with the mod is NPC (and, to a lesser extent, some battles) design. I wish mods weren't designed assuming that the player is a compulsive grinding powermonger... because that means those of us who aren't are in for a rough ride. I don't have a problem with difficult games, but cheap shortcuts to increase that difficulty are no fun, and it gets worse when stuff isn't even consistent in-game. For instance:

I can understand that Force choking the incorporeal form of Akirakon Sin is a pretty stupid thing to try, so he's given insane FORT saves. Okay, that makes sense. But why does Mandalore the Ultimate have +13/+10/+13 on top of his standard class saves and on top of the JEDI SENTINEL state immunity effects? If each +1 is an additional 5% chance to save, +13 is +65% (!), again, unexplained, unwarranted, and on top of already unfair immunities... making using the Force against him a waste of time. Unless, that is, you somehow manage to get your WIS to ~40, to offset his bonuses. For comparison, vanilla Malak has similar bonuses to his saves... but he's supposed to be drawing on the power of an ancient Dark Side artifact. Speaking of which, it's odd to find that the Mandalorian Wars version of Malak is murder incarnate... even when compared to his Dark Lord of the Sith self.

All in all, I think perspective was lost when building NPC character sheets, what with everyone and their dog being level 20 behemoths of destruction boasting ridiculous saves, defense scores, FP totals, etc. This is still supposed to be a d20-based system, isn't it? Han Solo, Obi-Wan, Vader and other "big" characters aren't level 20 characters. Artificially raising the power level of, well, pretty much everyone to "provide a challenge" results in a state of affairs where power means nothing and tactics are pretty much reduced to spamming stims and life support packs... of which there's an overabundance, which in turn nullifies the intended "challenge"! I don't know about you guys, but I don't remember Obi-Wan and Anakin making pauses in their duel to dope up, and Anakin didn't lose because he ran out of hyper-adrenal alacrity. Pretty atmosphere-breaking, if you ask me.
I agree with this as well - it was the one thing that took away from the mod. I don't expect every battle to be as easy as the rest of the game, but the battles were so difficult that I had to resort to taking advantage of running to spots in the maps where they wouldn't be able to get past obstacles so I could heal and put about seven effects on me so I could fight the battles. I played without the 1.1 patch, so I'll have to play with that now to see if it's more of what I would consider a "reasonable" challenge.

Too bad you're retiring from the modding, but I could see where you'd be a bit burned out after finishing something of this scope.

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