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Originally Posted by El Sitherino View Post
I finally hit my goal of 60 not too long ago, seems to be pretty easy once you hit 50 in a minute to get that jump to 55 then 60. Good luck with your ROTC stuff, Wally. If we ever happen to meet up on a base sometime we'll have to get some drinks.

I had an awesome first day of the New Year, went on a date with a really cool chick and saw The Princess and The Frog, ate some cajun food and went slumming around a bookstore. After a walk in the park it was a very successful evening, great start to the new year, and hopefully a good sign of more things to come.

Cajun food makes any night spectacular. I relish my trips to New Orleans.

However, if you ever are in the Indianapolis area, they have this tiny restaurant called "Yats" that serves excellent Cajun/Creole dishes at a very reasonable price. If I recall correctly it was voted the #1 restaurant in the city three years in a row. That place is heaven. It makes Indianapolis halfway tolerable.

And you've probably posted it before, but what's your career in the military? Did you enlist? Or are you an officer?

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