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Clone Wars Season 3 trailer: LEAKED!

From what I heard it begins like this.....

Ahsoka: Master? I sense something.

Anakin: Its the dark side of the force, it is strong here.

Lights flicker on in a sith academy. Dark Jedi and many battledroids attack.

Yoda: The Jedi Order could be destroyed by this arrising threat." in the council chambers

Master Shan-Ablis: My ancestors fought proudly against the Sith! I carry on their legacy. I swear I'll die as long as I wear the crest of the Shan Family!

Darth Sidious: This is a power we can surely harness. Soon we will have an infinate armada because of this power." A seperatist meating

Ventriss: I'll die in the name of your power, master!

Shows the feat and lower body of an armoured man.

Master Shan-Ablis: This is a Jedi holocron that has belonged to my family for three-thousand years. It is of the utmost importance that we protect it. If we don't, it would mean certain defeat.

dukoo: Do not fail me Ventriss! Get me that holocron!" on a transmition

Durge: I am no bounty hunter, I hunt for my own pleasure!" he flies away down a hall

Anakin and Ahsoka are in a tomb where they see some old artifact.

Ahsoka: What is it master?

Anakin: I don't know, the council must see this evidence.

Shows torso of the mysterious armoured man

Obi Wan :So we meet again, bounty hunter!" he ignites his lightsaber

Durge: Indeed, do you have any last words?

mysterious woman in hologram: I need you to be the beacon! If something happens to him, return to the republic, to me. And if I am dead, find other Jedi, the republic.

Ahsoka, Master Ablis, and Anakin in hangar of Liberty, Ablis' flagship with clones.

Mater Shan-Ablis: This mission is only known to the Jedi council boys, we must find this power and destroy it with nessesary.

familiar bearded man flying mandalorian light frieghter: Down ya go!

Jaq: Ya like that huh, well there's more where that came from!

Cut Lequaine: I only fight this battle because it is close to my homeland. I will state what I said before. I'll fight to my last breath to keep 'em safe!

Shows the upper body of mysterious man.

Durge: We shall win this war! But my goal is to destroy all Jedi.

General Greivious maniacly laughs in his robotic tone.

A bunch of flashing pictures.

A man kisses the mysterious woman in the hologram

Rahm Kota is seen dispatching several droids.

The millenium falcon flies along side the Ebon Hawk

bearded man: I'll challenge you to a race!

Durge is then seen blowing up a space station

Armoured man is seen again. But his face reveals something, he is Revan and the mysterious woman is Bastila.

Finally, the Star Forge is seen building an endless armada of seperatist frigates and melevolences.

Music playing is Anakin's Dark deeds from ep. 3.
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