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Let's see...

The Fall (Wow. That was an artistic film)
Rambo: First Blood (According to my brother: "David, you're a man now. And every man needs a copy of Rambo in his collection")
LOST Season 5

Altec Lansing In-Ear Headphones
Some Stephen King Books
Study Bible (ESV)
Razer Lycosa Keyboard
A Jar of Honey (???) From my sister. I suppose it was kind of a joke since I drink so much tea and typically use honey as a sweetener.
A Wii (This wasn't actually my gift. My parents bought it for themselves, which totally blew me away. They don't play video games, but they fell in love with Wii Sports when they were visiting my Aunt's lake house)

And, finally. The most kickass shoes I've ever had:

Unfortunately, because of the weather I can't wear them outside much (it's far too cold and there's over a foot of snow everywhere), but I intentionally bought the light-weight models instead of the ones designed for cold weather since I'll be moving to L.A. later this year.

Hopefully I'll be able to write up a review and post it here for anyone who's interested to see.

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